Cookies policy

General information about cookies

We use cookies to improve user experience (tracking cookies), as well as to operate our services (functional cookies). Cookies are text files that are saved to the user’s computer temporarily when visiting the website of an online service. If you like, you can avoid the use of cookies by adjusting the settings to prevent the saving of cookies during use. However, this may have a negative effect on some functions of the website and your user experience, or in some cases prevent use of the service altogether.

Tracking cookies

Usage statistics are collected from the site for monitoring purposes, development and marketing planning.

In addition, the website uses target audience and thematic data collection (Google Analytics Demographics), which are used to connect users to tracking data, like age, gender and the user’s possible areas of interest. You can change the settings for the collection of this type of data on your own Google account.
If you wish, you can disable Google Analytics monitoring with an add-on to your browser (

Functional cookies

The online service’s functional sections that require the user to log in or some other form of self-identification require cookies to function. Necessary user data are saved to the cookie and the cookie is deleted after a defined period of time or once the user has logged out.

Other identification

While using the online service, data about the identity of the user are saved in the log files of the server and online service (including IP address, page opened and files retrieved, as well as any possible errors), while data about the functionality of the website’s user interface are collected as well (saves, heat map data, form usage data). The purpose of collected this data is to monitor and develop the service, as well as to continually improve data security and fault tolerance.