Do you know what you are breathing in? Poor indoor air quality can cause a wide range of symptoms.

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These days, nobody questions the health effects of physical exercise and good quality sleep, but the air quality in our living environment is not discussed much, says an indoor expert.

The pollen and road dust season is here. Not only allergy and asthma sufferers notice it in their airways. The first bits of pollen are transmitted to Finland by winds coming from Central Europe as early as March. If you live by a busy road, a look at your window sill will tell you that up to 80% of outdoor air impurities are transferred indoors.

Poor indoor air quality can cause symptoms even if you are otherwise in good health. Very few people know that many everyday factors affect air quality.

"It can be difficult to protect oneself from poor indoor air quality, as we very rarely get to choose the air we breathe," says Panu Riikonen, CEO of UniqAir, a Finnish air purifier manufacturer.

Poor indoor air quality causes symptoms everywhere, not only in houses with mold

"Impurities are present in the indoor air of ordinary homes. Sources include construction materials, people, textiles and outdoor air,” Riikonen points out.

Fine particulates, less than 2.5 microns in diameter, generated by traffic, industry and burning firewood, penetrate the peripheral parts of the lungs and make their way up to the alveoli. Ultrafine particulates, less than 0.1 microns in diameter, can pass from the lungs into the bloodstream and have a long-term impact in the body. Long-term exposure to fine particulates has even been found to shorten life.

Good indoor air quality is increasingly noted as a factor in personal comfort.

"Public debate is dominated by mold spores and fine particulates, but indoor air problems can be tackled by removing dust and pollen, odours like tobacco and ammonia, microbes and other causes of allergic reactions from indoor air. Good indoor air quality is increasingly noted as a comfort factor,” Riikonen says emphatically.

Indoor air impurities cause illnesses and absences

Every year, indoor air impurities cause a wide range of symptoms for hundreds of thousands of people in Finland. Upper respiratory tract irritation and infections, irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes, headache, nausea and fatigue may be caused by poor indoor air quality.

Exposure to impurities in schools and workplaces, for example, can cause hypersensitivity in which case even the slightest impurities in otherwise healthy indoor air at home can cause symptoms.

Indoor air problems can cause recurring illnesses, reflected in increasing absences.

"There is no need to just suffer from these problems," Riikonen points out. "The right kind or air purifier can be used to remove the impurities that cause symptoms in indoor air."

Finnish innovation makes air easier to breathe

The new Uniq air purifier developed by UniqAir for homes and small offices filters all impurities that pose a health hazard in the air. It removes up to 100% of gaseous compounds, such as volatile organic compounds, ozone, air pollutants, toxins and odours as well as 99.97% of fine particulates, including microbes, mold spores and microplastics.

The three filters and unique activated carbon combination make the air purifier the best of its kind. The technology was developed in cooperation with Aalto University and the Finnish Defence Forces' poison gas experts. It has been used successfully for years in mitigating indoor air issues in public spaces.

Clean indoor air contributes to not only maintaining health but comprehensive well-being: alertness, symptom-free and high-quality living,” Riikonen says.

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