In Janakkala, local citizens find it easier to breathe

”UniqAirs were introduced as first aid to symptoms. Renovation was performed after that”, Seppo Kuusi outlines the correct order of action when improving the quality of indoor air.

Municipal Maintenance Engineer Seppo Kuusi says that in Janakkala, UniqAir appliances are used in the former laboratory premises of Turenki health station, where indoor air quality was problematic and caused symptoms for laboratory employees.

”At present, we use UniqAirs in the Haltia day care centre. The sewers have flooded the floors there a couple of times over the years, last time was in late winter, and the floor surface had to be replaced,” Seppo Kuusi says. The Haltia day care centre is special because it is open 24 hours a day. The indoor air load is high in the space at all times. That does not matter, because UniqAir's clean air delivery rate is 189 cubic metres per hour.

Silent UniqAirs let the little ones nap in peace, and play safely.

”In addition, UniqAirs are used in a couple of schools waiting for major renovations," Seppo Kuusi says.

It is important that air purifiers are used in high-load premises and as a first aid remedy for various indoor air quality problems, but also when day care centres and schools are empty over the holidays. Otherwise, the surfaces in the premises become polluted with airborne microbes and other airborne impurities that are hazardous to our health.

Many municipal properties in Finland suffer from an ever-increasing number of indoor air quality problems with buildings as they age. Poor quality indoor air that is unsafe or even toxic causes a high number of absences and costs for municipalities each year.

Clever municipal decision-makers introduce UniqAirs as a first aid remedy, and then take time to investigate the reasons for indoor air problems more thoroughly.

It is important for municipal decision-makers that UniqAir air purifiers are reliable, tested by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, safe and good for your health. UniqAir has been tested to remove all impurities from the air that are harmful to your health, including mold spores, viruses, bacteria, microbes, allergens, room dust, animal dust and pollen, odours, gaseous impurities, ammonia and ozone. Air purified by UniqAir is considerably healthier to breathe, as tested through technical measurements and sensory observations.

UniqAir appliances are used throughout Finland, not only in day care centres, schools and health centres but also in many care homes, meeting rooms, office spaces and other facilities. In these spaces, indoor air quality problems often prevail, or the load is high due to high numbers of people, resulting in the need for a high volume of clean air to breathe.

UniqAirs are easy to lease for the required period and easy to move from one room to another. Just plug in the cord and switch the appliance on. UniqAir is maintenance free for users because regular maintenance is included in the rental service. Seppo Kuusi is satisfied with the UniqAir units in use. ”The maintenance service has worked well and I'm satisfied with customer service, too. No complaints.”

Janakkala serves local residents with pride

The municipality of Janakkala is situated between the cities of Hämeenlinna and Riihimäki in the region of Kanta-Häme. Janakkala has two centres, Tervakoski known among families with children thanks to the Puuhamaa activity park, and Turenki, famous for sugar and ice cream factories. The current number of inhabitants is almost 17.000, but settlements have existed in Janakkala since prehistoric times. Janakkala even has elegant, ancient castle hills and dozens of manor houses, which were built in the area later in historical times.

Uno Cygnaeus, founder of the Finnish school system, lived in Janakkala as a child. In the first primary school buildings, wind may have blown in through the timber walls and ventilated the classrooms, but in modern schools, nobody should need to sit in the cold, as ventilation is professionally managed. The facility and regional service staff of the municipality of Janakkala ensure that the premises of their schools, daycare centres, libraries, health care facilities and other municipal properties comply with regulations and are healthy and safe to work, play and breathe in.

Janakkala provides excellent services to local residents digitally, on social media and face-to-face. The municipality employs more than 1,000 professionals, most of them working in care and education.

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