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Indoor air purifiers to meet the needs of the healthcare industry

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Thanks to the effective air purifiers, we are able to keep our staff healthy at work and offer our patients the best possible conditions for recovery.

In clean air purified by UniqAir PRO, you can concentrate on what’s most important in healthcare – workplace safety and the recovery of your patients. The air purifier quickly and effectively removes dust, animal dander, pollen, airborne impurities like odours, toxins and air pollutants and particles like viruses, bacteria, microbes, mold spores and microplastics from indoor air.

Unlike many other air purifiers, UniqAir PRO does not contain electric filters. For this reason, it does not produce any harmful compounds like ozone. The technology has been tested by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (report VTT-CR-00861-20, 30.6.2020) and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

Indoor air risks in public buildings

Mikrobit ja epäpuhtaudet - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Microbes and impurities transferred by people
Tekstiilit ja huonekalut - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Dust and chemicals from textiles and furniture
Pesu- ja puhdistusaineet - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Chemicals in detergents and cleaning agents
Kosteusvauriot - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Gaseous compounds caused by water damage
Mikrobit ja epäpuhtaudet - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Microbes and gaseous compounds arising from structures

UniqAir PRO is suited for even the most demanding of spaces and offers savings during renovations

UniqAir PRO makes it possible to temporarily continue operations in spaces suffering from mold or indoor air quality issues, giving you time to make an action plan. During renovations, the air purifier effectively filters dust created while working, preventing it from spreading to other spaces in the building.

The purifier is easily moved around on wheels, making changing its placement from one space to another easy


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UniqAir PRO

UniqAir PRO

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