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Uniq is key in improving one's quality of life

Completely pure indoor air, now conveniently available online.

Clean indoor air is part of the entire family’s overall wellbeing.

Breathe easier, feel better. Toxin-free, smell-free and dust-free indoor air reduces symptoms related to allergies, asthma and indoor air quality, while increasing alertness and improving the quality of your sleep. Enjoy pure, cutting-edge Finnish technology and design.

The Uniq2 air purifier quickly and effectively removes dust, animal dander, pollen, microplastics, air pollutants, toxins, smells, microbes and mold spores from indoor air. In totally pure indoor air you can concentrate on living your life to the fullest.

Indoor air quality risks at home

Tekstiilit ja huonekalut - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Dust and chemicals from textiles and furniture
Takka ja kynttilät - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Particles generated when burning firewood and candles
Lemmikit - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Dust and dander from pets
Pesu- ja puhdistusaineet - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Chemicals in detergents and cleaning agents
Remontointi - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Particles from renovation and cleaning

Uniq2 matches interior decor

UniqAir is designed to match the decor of your home. The appliance is easy to place anywhere in the room: on the floor, on a horizontal surface or on a wall. You can choose a decorative glass panel from three colour options. The customised back cover and replaceable stand give the finishing touches to a stylish design.

Uniq at home

Uniq is an elegant interior design element in offices and brick-and-mortar businesses

Uniq in the office

For home, office or larger spaces

Uniq air purifier - black glass - UniqAir

Uniq2 air purifier

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