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An air purifier for demanding jobs

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Speedy relief for indoor air quality issues and renovations – an important part of a company’s responsible operations.

The most effective air purifier on the market is well-suited for problematic spaces, production spaces and public buildings. It quickly and effectively removes dust, animal dander, pollen, airborne impurities like pollutants, toxins and odors as well as particles like microbes, mold spores and microplastics.

The UniqAir PRO makes it possible to temporarily continue operations in spaces suffering from mold or indoor air quality issues, giving you time to make an action plan. During renovations, the air purifier effectively filters dust created while working. It saves costs for building owners by getting the buildings ready for use more quickly and removing the need for time to air out the space altogether.

Indoor air risks in production facilties

Tuotanto - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Emissions from production: particles, gases and chemicals
Saneeraukset - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Particles created as a result of work and materials in renovation
Ulkoilma - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Particles and gases from outdoor air and generated by traffic
Mikrobit ja epäpuhtaudet - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Microbes and gaseous compounds arising from structures
Mikrobit ja epäpuhtaudet - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Microbes and impurities transferred by people

The UniqAir PRO can filter up to 330 m3 of air per hour

You can notice a clear difference after just a few hours of using the device. After a longer period of use, symptoms resulting from asthma or allergies, as well as the costs and absences associated with them, are reduced.

The purifier is convenient to move on wheels, so it’s easy to move from one space to another as needed.

"If kick wax is put on skis while glide wax fluoride dust is still in the air, the grip on the skis may suffer. UniqAir removes the dust from the air efficiently and our team can get on with their work right away”.

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Teijo Hyytiäinen says that the introduction of UniqAir air purifiers made three important things possible: production continued, we were able to take the time to investigate the issues and the symptoms disappeared.

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Do you know what you breathe in?

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For home, office or larger spaces

UniqAir PRO

UniqAir PRO

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