UniqAir Intended use Workspaces

Raises energy levels and improves workplace wellbeing

The stylish Uniq for offices or basement spaces and the UniqAir PRO for more demanding needs.

Clean and safe indoor air is an important part of a company’s responsible operations.

In fresh air purified by the UniqAir, employees will notice an improvement in their alertness and ability to concentrate. At the same time, symptoms of allergies and asthma, and the absences and costs incurred by them, are reduced. Air purifiers provide effective relief both to symptoms related to indoor air quality and to the air quality in working environments in which there are chemicals present.

The UniqAir quickly and effectively removes all impurities that are damaging to one’s health: dust, animal dander and pollen, airborne impurities like pollutants, toxins and smells, as well as microbes, mold spores and microplastics.

Indoor air quality risks in the workplace

Tekstiilit ja huonekalut - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Dust and chemicals from textiles and furniture
Ulkoilma - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Particles and gases from outdoor air and generated by traffic
Mikrobit ja epäpuhtaudet - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Microbes and impurities transferred by people
Mikrobit ja epäpuhtaudet - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Microbes and gaseous compounds arising from structures
Pesu- ja puhdistusaineet - sisäilmariskit - UniqAir
Chemicals in detergents and cleaning agents

The stylish Uniq2 is part of your office decor

The stylish Uniq2 air purifier is easy to place on the floor, on a surface or counter and on the wall, depending on the ever-changing needs in your workplace. It works well even in smaller spaces, like salons or small boutiques. You can choose the decorative glass panel from three color options. Tailored coverings and modifiable leg models will put the finishing touches on a stylish final product.

The UniqAir PRO is suitable for even the most demanding of locations and larger spaces

Erkki Jylhä has an important piece of good advice for everyone responsible for large renovation projects: ”Over the years, we have learned a lesson about the proper order of things. We take UniqAir units into renovated spaces before allowing people to go in.”

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Teijo Hyytiäinen says that the introduction of UniqAir air purifiers made three important things possible: production continued, we were able to take the time to investigate the issues and the symptoms disappeared.

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Uniq kotona

Do you know what you breathe in?

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For home, office or larger spaces

Uniq air purifier - black glass - UniqAir

Uniq2 air purifier

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UniqAir PRO

UniqAir PRO

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