New research result on lowering the viral load of spaces with UniqAir air purifiers

New research confirms the lowering effect of UniqAir air purifiers against viral exposure.

The new research result on reducing the viral load with UniqAir air purifiers confirms the knowledge about the effectiveness of UniqAir air purifiers in real life use cases.

A group of researchers from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki University Hospital, University of Helsinki, and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health conducted a pilot study in restaurant environment. A computer-based model was developed to further study the dispersion of viruses in changing conditions.

The research deployed a virus Phi6 to simulate the behaviour of coronavirus

The research deployed a virus Phi6 to simulate the behaviour of coronavirus. The developed computer model can be used to assess the effectiveness of different safety solutions, such as air purifiers, space dividers or improved ventilation.


The research was conducted using UniqAir air purifiers

The research was conducted using UniqAir air purifiers. Remarkable thing is that not all air purifiers can reproduce similar results since the way of circulating the air and the filtration technology is of great importance.

When using UniqAir air purifiers, a significant reduction in viral load was achieved

“Modelling has already taught us that local “containers” of high viral load can form in interior spaces if the air is inadequately mixed. Air purifiers scaled to the size of the space can be used to prevent the forming of these containers while simultaneously lowering the entire viral load”, states a flow physicist Mikko Auvinen from the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The restaurant pilot phase of the project was conducted in Helsinki in restaurant Ultima owned by Henri Alén. The TUPA-project is being applied for continuation as a wider scale interior safety project called the E3 (Excellence in pandemic response and enterprise solutions) during the spring of 2021.

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