A German study: Opening windows not enough to clear the virus from interior air

The study was conducted with UniqAir air purifiers in a real classroom environment by the German TÜV SÜD using nuclear power plant leak detection criteria.

One of the best-known research institutions in the world, TÜV SÜD tested and verified the results of a prior super-computer simulation with UniqAir air purifiers in real-world conditions.

The study was conducted in two classrooms in a German school using highly precise criteria and measuring technique. The purpose was to test how interior air viral load changes when ventilating by opening windows and when using air purifiers.

The air purifiers were deliberately placed in a non-optimal location, for example, in the corner of the room. This eliminated any chance of purifier location influencing how the viral load changes in interior air.

According to TÜV analysts, the study used perfluorocarbon compounds as a tracer, used for decades in the United States for detecting leaks in nuclear power plants and for testing military-grade filters.

Ventilation by opening windows is not enough to clear the virus from interior air

The study shows that ventilation by opening windows is not enough to clear the virus from interior air, and that an air purifier is required instead.

According to TÜV, the UniqAir PRO air purifier technology ensures optimal air mixing all around the room and reduces particles significantly across the room regardless of where the purifier is placed.

Pictures: TÜV

"The UniqAir purifiers resulted in a decisive drop in viral load, even though purifiers were deliberately used at less than full power," says UniqAir managing director Panu Riikonen.

"Our equipment cleanses the air in the room in all directions: impure air is sucked in at the top and cleaned air released at the bottom to decrease the viral load. UniqAir’s technology guarantees the best air mixing results, and this is one of the qualities that sets us apart in the market."

The study was conducted by TÜV SÜD, one of the most respected auditing and certification institutes in the world. Their focus is on product and application areas related to health, hygiene, and safety. The TÜV study results are independent.

A Finnish technology company, UniqAir Oy manufactures and develops air purifier equipment for various purposes. UniqAir provides safe and clean interior air and lays the foundation for improved health and wellbeing for businesses, public organizations, and consumers.

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