Poistoa uses UniqAirs in a number of ways for the benefit of its customers

We use UniqAirs most in renovated and modernised locations because UniqAir units remove odours and various compounds released from new building materials into indoor air. Secondly, we use UniqAirs in construction site cleaning to protect the interfaces between completed surfaces and those still under construction.

Niina Kesti claims that the third way they use UniqAir would save considerable sums of money for all property owners. ”UniqAir considerably shortens the time before buildings can be taken into use. In most cases, the required airing period can be months, and during that period, property owners' premises stand empty and they receive no rental income.”

Cleaning company Poistoa Oy, established by CEO Niina Kesti in 2013, performs so well that it has grown at record pace. At present, the company employs more than one hundred cleaning specialists. Of them, up to 50 per cent are men. This is exceptional in the industry. The work requires good physical health and solid expertise because the company performs construction site cleaning, maintenance cleaning and mold removal cleaning, as well as providing training on mold damage and the benefits of mold removal cleaning. The highly specialised company is the leading provider of mold removal cleaning services in Finland.

CEO Niina Kesti, winner of the 2017 Cleaning Sector Manager award, is a pioneer and trendsetter in the industry. "Our customer base includes cities, municipalities, parishes, government institutions and companies. We have completed more than one thousand challenging cleaning projects.”

Niina says that her company is using dozens of UniqAir air purifiers. They rent the appliances to their customers for diverse purposes.

The latest trend word in the industry is cleanability. Kesti emphasises that architects and interior designers should pay attention to the cleanability of the premises they design. The materials, surfaces and furniture placement should be designed to allow easy and high quality cleaning.

Kesti commends her public sector customers for being well informed and aware of the situation. "Sometimes we still have to educate corporate clients about the damage mold can cause to buildings and property, and about the benefits of mold removal cleaning. In short, mold removal cleaning is the last phase of building renovation work.”

Where does this expertise come from? Niina Kesti is a qualified property manager, expert in healthy buildings and a respected trainer at industry events. She has several certificates. She trains her staff members as well. "Equipment, tools, chemicals and methods develop constantly. We also train people in interpreting various measurement reports. Theoretical knowledge is not enough for us. Our employees have experience and expertise of challenging practical cleaning tasks.” Niina Kesti sums up her message: ”Cleaning work requires professional skills and mold removal cleaning requires expertise.” Poistoa Oy has reached a great position in the sector: customers recommend them to new customers. When your performance is outstanding, the future looks bright.

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