Uniq2 air purifier


The purest indoor air, alertness and symptom-free living for all homes and workplaces. Choose the front panel material and colour to suit the interior decor. The arc stand is included in the delivery.

To order the UniqAir Purifier, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Uniq2 is an effective air purifier for homes and offices. It quickly and effectively removes all unhealthy impurities from indoor air: room dust, animal dust, pollen, gaseous impurities such as air pollutants, VOCs, toxins and odours as well as microbes, mold and microplastics.

Uniq2 is easy to place anywhere in the room: on the floor or table with the stand provided, or on a wall mount. The air purifier is plugged into a standard power socket and easy to move from one place to another. The elegant design and front panel plus the changeable back cover ensure that Uniq2 is permanent element in better quality of life.


  • Weight 9 kg
  • Height 450 mm, depth 185 mm
  • On the arc mount included with the delivery: height 534 mm, width 445 mm, depth 217 mm
  • On the wall mount available by order: height 467 mm, width 445 mm, depth 200 mm
  • One purifier keeps the air in a 20-60m2 room continuously clean of both gaseous impurities and fine particles.
  • Filters out 100% of gaseous impurities (VOC, toxins, NOx) and 99.97% of fine particles
  • Activated carbon-HEPA combination filter
  • Class G1 coarse filter
  • Dynamic filter lifetime indicator (via mobile app)
  • Back made of felt, 50% recycled material
  • Electrical plug 230 V, ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Energy efficient EC-fan
  • Power consumption max 78 W
  • Noise level at standard setting 36,5 dB (A), at night-time setting < 27 dB (A)
  • Timer and remote control via a mobile device (Bluetooth v.4.2)
  • High performance setting for temporary purification of high impurity levels
  • The Key Flag Symbol indicates that our product is based on Finnish expertise.
  • We are a supporting member of the Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate.
  • Technology tested by VTT (report VTT-CR-01662-17 I Mar 24, 2017)

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  • Combined activated carbon-HEPA filter

    Replacement filter for Uniq air purifier.

    (sis. alv 24 %)
  • Prefilter

    Replacement filter for the Uniq air purifier.

    (sis. alv 24 %)
  • Wall mount

    For mounting the UniqAir purifier on the wall.

    (sis. alv 24 %)
  • Uniq air purifier - grey glass - UniqAir

    Uniq2 air purifier – Harmaa lasi, Tummanharmaa

    Etupaneeli: Harmaa lasi, Taustaverhoilu: Tummanharmaa

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