UniqAir PRO

A significant reduction of viruses, harmful compounds and other contaminants with UniqAir PRO.

Several independent tests* tell the same story – UniqAir really makes a difference.

UniqAir PRO air purifiers are available for purchase or for rent for your company. Agree on a test period, free of commitment, using the form below.

* UniqAir technology has been tested and measured by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. I Finnish Meteorological Institute I TÜV SÜD Advimo GmbH I Finnish Institute of Occupational Health


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UniqAir PRO and UniqAir S air purifiers are suitable for demanding needs, public spaces and production facilities, as well as temporary needs, for example during renovations. The air purifier can be plugged into a standard power outlet and its wheels make it easy to move from one place to another.


  • Available in two versions UniqAir PRO and UniqAir S. We specify the best option based on the dimensions of the premises and purification requirements.
  • Version PRO: H: 110,4 cm W: 31,7 cm D: 31,7 cm
  • Version S: H: 103,5 cm W 31,8 cm D: 31,8 cm
  • Purifies 100% of gaseous impurities and 99.97% of fine particles.
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR) 155 m³ (S) / 330 m3 (PRO) per hour
  • Energy efficient EC motors
  • Power consumption max 32 W (S) / 85 W (PRO)
  • Noise level 29,5-38 dBA (S) / 30,5-53 dBA (PRO) (at 1 m distance, background noise < 30 dBA)
  • Additional silencer available with 7-10 dB(A) attenuation
  • EU-MDR Class I (Medical Devices) -compatible

The monthly price based on a rental contract includes service and filter replacement. The air purifier is easy to use and quick to get started with. We do periodic cleaning/replacement of the coarse filter at 4-6 month intervals and replacement of the HEPA and activated carbon filter at 1 year intervals.

We take care of deliveries and maintenance on your behalf, allowing you to focus on what’s essential. We offer a quick and carefree solution for your company to enjoy the benefits of clean indoor air. Renting is an ideal solution to meet short-term needs, like during a renovation. Contact us to agree on a test period without any commitments!

"UniqAir air purifiers have been an ideal solution for us in many cases. Due to varying needs, it has been important for us that the devices can be used for exactly as long as we need them."