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The technology deployed in UniqAir air purifiers has been tested by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and measured by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Our customers bear testimony to its effectiveness.

Each of our air purifier models uses the same three-stage filtration technology. Their combination of a coarse filter, Activated Carbon filter and EPA/HEPA filter ensures superior filtration efficiency.

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Complete gas filtration

Gas filtration is a key issue when choosing an air purifier. Because toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOC) pass directly into the lungs and bloodstream, filtration of particles is not enough. You should settle for nothing less than verified filtration efficiency in your air purifier.

In tests, UniqAir’s technology filters out up to 100 % of gaseous impurities, something which cheaply constructed air purifiers cannot do, because their coarse filters let gas molecules through.

UniqAir technology

Competing technology

The superiority of UniqAir filtration is based on its ability to filter out gaseous impurities as well as particles

One gram of UniqAir activated carbon has around 2 000 m2 of impurity-binding surface

Broad Spectrum activated carbon

The foundation of UniqAir air purification is our unique broad spectrum activated carbon, developed in cooperation with experts from The Finnish Defence Forces. It is able to filter out a wide variety of harmful molecules. In addition, we have focused on improving our activated carbon’s capabilities to meet a wider range of civilian air-quality needs.

The correct amount

You need the right amount of the right kind of activated carbon. Activated carbon’s efficiency reduces as it becomes saturated with use. If the amount of carbon is low, it loses its efficiency in no time. The Uniq air purifier, our smallest model, starts out with 1 kg of UniqAir activated carbon. PRO models contain over 2 kg of UniqAir activated carbon.

Controlled speed

The thickness of the activated carbon layer and the rate of impure air passing through must be correctly proportioned. If impure air passes through the carbon layer too rapidly, harmful molecules do not bind to the carbon and are allowed through. The superior performance of UniqAir air purifiers is guaranteed by the right thickness of the right kind of activated carbon, matched with the correct speed of airflow.

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UniqAir PRO

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