The most important thing is that staff members' symptoms vanished

Teijo Hyytiäinen says that the introduction of UniqAir air purifiers made three important things possible: production continued, we were able to take the time to investigate the issues and the symptoms disappeared.

”First of all, our production continued, and there was no need for an expensive, temporary relocation of the personnel to other premises. Second, we could take the time to investigate the issues in the premises and look for solutions with various experts. Third, and the most important, the symptoms that the personnel used to have, were gone."

"The best praise we received was when the person with the most difficult symptoms was able to stop working remotely from home and return to the office.”

Brand Factory selected UniqAir, the best brand for air purification

Real Estate Manager, Industrial Safety Officer Teijo Hyytiäinen is responsible for Brand Factory's premises in Espoo. He knows the property inside out. "I've worked in this building for 35 years. Three years ago, many employees started to suffer with allergies and other symptoms. That came as a total surprise. The severe reactions were surprising. We investigated the problems with various experts. The building was even investigated by a sniffer dog specialising in mold. The dog marked a few locations as questionable. I tried many air purifiers to remove mold and other causes of symptoms from the indoor air. I returned them, because they did not meet my expectations. Then I got lucky and found UniqAir's premium quality air purifiers."

"Three years ago, the fact that convinced me was that the Finnish Defence Forces trust UniqAir. That is a great merit, because army standards are very high.”

The medical history of the Brand Factory employee, who had to work remotely from home for six months due to severe symptoms, is alarming. "First I suffered from recurring flu. Then the dizziness started, even when I was sitting down. My nose bled many times every week. My muscles got sensitive to touch. I got horrible joint pains, in all joints at the end. My limbs got numb. The worst of all was the brain fog - a situation in which you cannot grasp your own work! Ever since I've had UniqAir next to me, all my symptoms are gone.”

When Brand Factory employees began to suffer from strange symptoms three years ago, they shared the experience and searched for information online at a feverish pace.

”All my symptoms matched those caused by mold. All of them! And the doctor did not take me seriously at first, not believing that mold could be the cause. The doctor even suspected that I was not right in the head,” one employee says. But the sharp mind and plain words of this professional are proof enough that their head is most definitely on straight.

Even Teijo now has the experience of a fight won in adversity. "We repaired the problem spots in the building, structural problems, water damage and mold issues, and renewed the technical equipment for one year. It was the most stressful year ever. UniqAir saved the day.”

The Brand Factory employee whom UniqAir helped the most has three words to share about UniqAir: ”Saviour. Reliable. Loved.”

Sounds like a potent analysis by Brand Factory, whose values include creativity, customer focus, simplicity and passion.

Brand Factory

Brand Factory is the leading Nordic brand creation and visual communication company. Brand Factory produces corporate brand solutions for customers as offset, silkscreen and digital print products. The customer base includes well-known brands: Alko, Are, Finnair, Finnkino, Laattapiste, Sokos and Valio. Production facilities are in Finland and Sweden, the number of employees exceeds 650 and turnover is 130 million euros. The Finnish headquarters building on Ruukinmestarintie street in Espoo has served occupants since 1975. UniqAirs have served employees at the Brand Factory office for three years.

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