This Finnish cleantech company is growing and offers clean indoor air for consumers, as well.

UniqAir avasi kolme kertaa suuremmat tuotantotilat

UniqAir Ltd, based in Lappeenranta, Finland, manufactures and delivers air purifiers not only for public administration and businesses but also for private consumers. UniqAir, based on a top Finnish innovation and commended for manufacturing domestically, is a growing company that is unique in its field.

For years, UniqAir has contributed to solving indoor air quality problems in public spaces, including schools, offices and healthcare facilities. It has rented air purifiers to offer safer and healthier work environments for even the most challenging conditions. UniqAir purifiers alleviate problems caused by compromised indoor air quality, even in production facilities, renovation sites and buildings suffering from mold damage.

Cutting-edge Finnish clean technology

The technology for the air purifier was developed in cooperation with Aalto University and the Finnish Defence Forces. "Its efficiency and precision makes it stand out among purifiers offered by competitors. UniqAir removes up to 100% of gaseous compounds, including volatile organic compounds, ozone, air pollutants, toxins and odours as well as 99.97% of fine particles, including microbes, mold spores and microplastics,“ says UniqAir CEO Panu Riikonen.

Days spent without symptoms, significant savings

We constantly receive positive feedback once our purifiers find their way to new spaces. "Over the years, we have had the privilege to make hundreds of spaces safer and healthier, offering thousands of days without symptoms and significant savings in costs from medical care,” says Riikonen proudly.

UniqAir's impact on public health and the economy can be considered significant.

Now, clean air can be enjoyed not only by public administration, but in private companies and by consumers, too. "The production of a Uniq air purifier suitable for homes and offices has started and we are ready to bring clean air to everyone!” Riikonen says happily.

Accelerated growth and internationalisation

The increase in demand over the past few years resulted in tripling of the production facilities in 2017, and production will increase further as the new consumer product is launched. This year will see the introduction of new products even into the PRO product series for professional target groups.

Turnover is expected to more than triple in the next five years from 3.5 million euros in 2018.

Intense growth is also expected in international markets. "Exports have already started to several target countries both for the consumer product and the products for professional use,” says Riikonen. "There is increasing global awareness of the importance of healthy respiratory air and the key role that clean indoor air plays for comprehensive well-being.”

Good air from Lappeenranta, for the whole world

The Lappeenranta-based growth company, firmly rooted in its local values, is significant for the city and entire region.

In this day and age, manufacturing a consumer product in the home country of the company in question at this scale is rare, even unique.

“Locally, we employ ten people directly. The indirect impact of our business is remarkable. We strive to use local and Finnish suppliers of components and materials whenever possible. For us, the local aspect is important," Riikonen points out.

The total number of clean air manufacturers is 19. The head office and production are based in Lappeenranta, but the operations cover all of Finland. The recently opened web shop delivers orders anytime, anywhere.

UniqAir, founded in 2014, is owned by Sontek Oy, the Paulig family's investment company Oy The English Tearoom Ab and operative management.

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UniqAir air purifiers remove fine particles and gaseous impurities from indoor air. Breathe in UniqAir and feel the difference.

Clean air for homes Clean air for workplaces

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