Tori-Apteekki, a pharmacy in Finland: Safe indoor air is a part of good customer service

Safe indoor air is a part of good customer service.  Ensuring the purity of indoor air is a significant act in terms of safety as well as continuity of the business.

In Tori-Apteekki the deal comes with a safe shopping experience since the pharmacy is equipped with a UniqAir PRO air purifier.

“I had been considering an air purifier for a while and ultimately decided to go with the product from UniqAir. The promptness and expertise of the service was first-class, and the facts from different research results were indisputable,” says the pharmacist Jukka Niemi.

UniqAir PRO was a smart choice for us

He also mentions the factors related to price and the service contract.

“The purchase was hassle-free, and no surprise costs were associated. UniqAir PRO was a smart choice for us.”

Ozone does not belong to indoor air

UniqAir PRO catches the harmful invisible contaminants from the air to its unique activated carbon filter and HEPA-filter. All the particles floating in the indoor air that could endanger the health and well-being are collected by the UniqAir PRO air purifier.

“The functionality of the device is thoroughly researched. In multiple tests, the device has been found to remove 100% of VOCs, and 99,97 % of particulate impurities from filtered air,” says the UniqAir’s Samuli Valvisto.

No harmful by-products in the process

According to the latest research data, the device is capable of capturing the corona viruses and virus-carrying aerosols floating in the air. UniqAir’s filtration technology cleanses the air thoroughly without producing ozone or other harmful by-products in the process.

Quiet and unobtrusive

It is busy in the pharmacy as people come and go. Customers visit there to pick medicines and other products for medical and welfare purposes.

The visitor does not necessarily notice the device positioned next to the counter among other furniture. The quietly humming device, with a simplified appearance, pleases the eye. One UniqAir PRO covers up to 100 square meters of unified space.

The staff has noticed a distinguishable difference in the quality of indoor air. “According to feedback the difference to earlier is considerable. Air is clean and easy to breath,” says Niemi.

Safe and pure indoor air protects business

Valvisto from UniqAir says that the coronavirus has changed the world and the operating environment of businesses along with it.

“Setting the entire staff in quarantine due to viruses, would cause a large notch in the business. A high-grade UniqAir purifier can significantly improve the indoor air safety,” Valvisto states.

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