UniqAir has put an end to all symptoms

Tarja's responsible employer took her symptoms seriously and acquired a UniqAir for her office. ”I felt relief in my symptoms in a week."

Tarja's colleagues in Imatra doubted the efficiency of the air purifier at first. Could it really help them? "I'll give you two true stories. A colleague of mine suffered with a cough and was constantly clearing her throat. The symptoms went away on weekends. UniqAir has put an end to all of her symptoms. Another colleague suffered from dryness of the eyes for quite a while. Her eyes were watery, sensitive to light and sore. She tried all sorts of eye drops to no avail. Now she has a UniqAir next to her, and her eyes are healthy and without any symptoms.”

Occupational health nurses trust UniqAir air purifiers

Imatran Työterveys ry was founded in 1976 to meet local occupational health care needs. At present, the customer base includes some 240 member companies and some 3,100 individual customers. Occupational health care services include workplace surveys, occupational health checkups, occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related illnesses plus activities to maintain working capacity. The company provides first aid training, medical care, laboratory services, guidance and advisory services. Customer-focus, high quality, reliability and expertise are the true values of this workplace.

A preventive approach and promotion of well-being at work is emphasised in all work.

Leading occupational health care nurse Tarja Miikki-Nikku has provided care for customer companies' employees in Imatra since 2006. Her work includes both administrative duties and those of an occupational health nurse. "Every week, patients come to our clinic with symptoms linked to indoor air quality. These symptoms are very common!” The severe consequences of indoor air quality problems are known to Tarja personally. "I suffer from chronic asthma, I was diagnosed 25 years ago. Over the years, I have undergone two sinus operations and taken heavy cortisone medication. In 2014, my symptoms got worse because of indoor air quality problems at the workplace. Luckily we got UniqAirs! Medication and air purified by UniqAir enable me to manage well at work. The appliance is there next to me. As soon as I walk away from the UniqAir, I get symptoms,” Tarja says.

Tarja's sense of smell and taste have suffered due to asthma and allergic symptoms. "There are times when they are non-existent. For example, there are days when I do not smell tobacco smoke or perfumes at all, but they give me a headache. These days, if I visit many public venues like shops, churches and hotels, I get symptoms. First of all, I lose my voice. Other symptoms include cough, congestion, shortness of breath and fatigue," Tarja says.

Health care professionals have a higher risk of falling ill themselves than many others . Customers bring loads of bacteria, viruses and allergens into the room. Immunity must be in order.

Imatran Työterveys consultancy rooms also have UniqAir air purifiers. They help occupational health professionals and patients silently and unobtrusively by removing bacteria, viruses, microbes, mold spores, allergens, room dust, animal dust and pollen as well as odours and harmful gases from indoor air.

Tarja shares her working weeks between Imatra and Simpele. She spends three days a week in Simpele. The consultancy rooms there are in an old office building of the Metsä Board factory. Metsä Board, a leading European board manufacturer, sources raw materials from sustainably managed forests.
The board is used for producing safer and more pro-environmental packaging. Tarja started to have symptoms at once in this building. Tarja's responsible employer took her symptoms seriously and acquired a UniqAir for her Simpele office. ”My symptoms became easier in a week. A doctor works here as well and there is a UniqAir in the doctor's office, too.”

UniqAirs will help in moving to new premises

Tarja and her colleagues will move to new premises in Imatra at the turn of the year. ”We will have new furniture in the new offices. We will destroy all items contaminated by indoor air problems, all that can be destroyed. But we wonder how the patient information files can be purified because they must be moved and saved, that is the law.”
Tarja knows that UniqAir appliances are used in many newly built premises as well. They clean 100% of the unhealthy gases extracted for months from new materials into indoor air.

UniqAirs even shorten the compulsory airing times of new and renovated premises significantly.

UniqAirs are used not only in the offices and consultancy rooms of factories and other businesses, but also in many hospitals, laboratories, schools, daycare centres, care homes and other spaces suffering with indoor air quality problems. Tarja emphasises that UniqAir is vital in maintaining her occupational health and ability to work. ”It helps keep my asthma in control." When asked to define UniqAir in three words, her description comes with a lovely bonus: ”Clean, fresh, silent and simply elegant. Suitable for any location, discretely.”

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