UniqAir removes fumes and dust from new furniture from indoor air and makes the air healthy to breathe.

Erkki Jylhä has an important piece of good advice for everyone responsible for large renovation projects: ”Over the years, we have learned a lesson about the proper order of things. We take UniqAir units into renovated spaces before allowing people to go in.”

”A major renovation project is underway in Kuntatalo,” Erkki Jylhä says. ”We started in 2012. We are renovating the entire building due to its age, to make it compliant with the requirements set for modern office spaces. We have built teamwork facilities and individual rooms. The first nine stages of the renovation are complete, that is, one half of the building. For example, we have renovated all premises where people work,” Erkki says.

UniqAir removes fumes from new furniture from indoor air

”In renovated rooms, the major cause of indoor air problems are the fumes and odours from new furniture. They never ventilate furniture in factories, they just pack everything up for delivery to customers! UniqAir units are clearly helping us. They clean indoor air quickly, removing all fumes from the furniture.”

UniqAir's clean air delivery rate is 189 cubic metres per hour.

”In this work, foresight is key. No complaints is the best acknowledgement”, Erkki Jylhä says with a smile. ”We measure air quality in the house on a constant basis. The measurement system was introduced in 2012. I know exactly the air quality, carbon dioxide content and temperature of all premises in this house. We do not ventilate in vain - instead, we do it economically and as required in each room,” Jylhä says.

Remove dust from indoor air and bring in healthy air to breathe

Another cause of indoor air quality problems in Kuntatalo is typical for renovation projects: dust. ”We do our utmost to try and minimise the spreading of dust outside the construction area, but it still manages to seep into other premises. Dust causes symptoms for the most sensitive poeple. We move the UniqAir appliances into the problematic rooms and the symptoms are gone,” Jylhä says. UniqAirs are easy to move from one place to another as they have wheels. Plug in the cord and switch the appliance on.

Kuntatalo trusts in the flexible and swift service it gets with UniqAir

Erkki Jylhä appreciates efficient and well-functioning service. ”UniqAir's service is really quick and flexible. One hour after my telephone call we have a new appliance in the building.

This enables us here in Kuntatalo to react very quickly to feedback from users! We have purchased a number of UniqAirs for permanent use and we rent more as needed. For example, one of our employees suffers with multiple chemical sensitivity, and the symptoms were so bad that a UniqAir unit has now been placed next to this person, to be there at all times. UniqAir has clearly saved this sensitive employee's working ability,” Jylhä says with gratitude.

Let's make it work together

Jylhä's team makes sure that the premises in Kuntatalo comply with legal requirements and are healthy and safe so that everyone feels comfortable. ”Change is always a major issue for employees. Renovation is a major change. Whenever employees suffer from symptoms linked to indoor air quality, they openly report them to me. Sometimes even passionately! I try to keep my ears open. Whenever someone says "poor indoor air quality", I must take many issues into account and get to the bottom of the issue to find the truth. All complaints are taken seriously.” Erkki says that the basic temperature at Kuntatalo is maintained at a healthy +22 degrees Celsius in winter. ”When it is hot outside, the indoor temperature must be higher to prevent everyone from feeling cold.” Erkki knows that when the room is too warm, it feels as if indoor air were depleted from oxygen and too powerful ventilation makes the air dry.

Throughout his career, Erkki Jylhä has dealt with building service technology. Before Kuntatalo, he worked in several different organisations, solving challenging building service technology problems. He has left his mark in hospitals, offices, the Paulig coffee roastery and Helsinki Airport, which has won awards for good indoor air quality. Experience helps in solving diverse and complex building service technology problems, making the end result is good and healthy indoor air for all.

Not only Kuntatalo, but many buildings in Finnish municipalities suffer from an increase in indoor air quality problems due to the ageing of the building stock. Poor indoor air quality causes a lot of absences from work, and results in high costs for municipalities every year.

Attentive decision-makers in municipalities introduce UniqAir air purifiers as a first aid remedy to the issue, and take time to investigate the reasons for indoor air quality problems thoroughly. For decision-makers, it is important to know that the UniqAir air purifiers are reliable and tested to be safe and good for health by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. UniqAir has been proven to remove all impurities harmful for health from indoor air: mold, viruses, bacteria, microbes, allergens, room dust, animal dust and pollen, odours, harmful gases, ammonia and ozone.

Air purified by UniqAir is considerably healthier to breathe, as proven organoleptically and by measurement technology.

UniqAirs are used not only in Kuntatalo but all over Finland by many cities and municipalities in offices and meeting rooms. UniqAir units are at work in many schools, daycare centres, care homes and health centres as well as other premises with indoor air quality problems or where the load caused by the number of people is high and the need for clean air is therefore high as well.

When you ask Erkki Jylhä to describe UniqAir in three words, he gives more. ”First of all, flexible and very quick service! Invoicing is quick and accurate as well, which is good. Regular equipment maintenance is active and done at UniqAir's initiative, which means that I need not concern myself with maintenance at all,” Erkki Jylhä says.

Kuntatalo, the nerve centre of cities and municipalities in Finland

Kuntatalo, the famous red-brick building stands in the Kallio district of Helsinki. The address is Toinen linja 14. Kuntatalo is the nerve centre of cities and municipalities in Finland. It was built in 1982 in a historic area of wooden buildings, on the site of the former painters' vocational college.

”At present, 330 people work here in Kuntatalo on a daily basis. We have offices and meeting rooms on five floors. Below, there is the basement which houses building service technology, storage premises and a car park,” says Erkki Jylhä, technical building manager of Kuntatalo. We house several organisations which focus on providing training for municipal decision-makers, city planning, procurement, supervision of interests, publishing and provision of expert and information services.

Kuntatalo rents premises for meetings and events. The facilities are excellent: 30 accessible meeting rooms of various sizes, a hall for 250 people and video streaming and conference equipment. One of the organisations working in the building, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, arranges seminars and an annual event called Kuntamarkkinat, which is the top forum for the public sector. It brings together more than 7,000 municipal, government and other public administration decision-makers and almost 200 exhibitors.

Erkki Jylhä started working in Kuntatalo in 2006. He says that UniqAir air purifiers were introduced to him at the Kuntamarkkinat event a few years ago. A lot has happened since.

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