With the help of UniqAir, we can even affect performance among cross-country skiers

"If kick wax is put on skis while glide wax fluoride dust is still in the air, the grip on the skis may suffer. UniqAir removes the dust from the air efficiently and our team can get on with their work right away”.

”Ski waxing huts are often worksite container buildings. They are cramped and the ventilation is all but non-existent. Add to that dozens of skis, ski waxing staff, powders, waxes, equipment and the fast pace, and the result is a highly challenging work environment that requires outstanding professional skills and also is quite challenging in terms of occupational safety. Our employees use personal protective equipment, and a UniqAir air purifier makes the indoor air safe and clean for visitors to the hut. The air in our ski waxing hut is clean and fresh in comparison with the dusty and stuffy conditions of competitors' huts next to us,” says Aki.

Swix Sport purifies its ski waxing premises like a champion with UniqAir

By 1 July 2020, the EU will ban the sale of all products including PFOA compounds and derivatives. PFOA, perfluorooctanoic acid, is a health risk, as it may cause cancer and deformities. It is included for example in teflon-coated frying pans and old ski waxes.

”Swix wants to be a pioneer in social responsibility issues. First of all, we make our product packaging in-house, which reduces the company's carbon footprint,” says Aki Tuovinen. ”We invest in occupational safety. Swix ski waxes use the safest possible fluoride technology and clean ingredients that are not converted into dangerous PFOA compounds. Our staff use dust masks with electric respirators. Because the indoor air in ski waxing huts typically includes high amounts of dust and noxious gases, we wanted to get UniqAir."

"Now the indoor air in the hut is extremely clean. The air stays fresh even when four staff members apply ski wax at the same time.”

UniqAir comes with three separate filters: the coarse filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter. ”The air to be purified goes into the UniqAir appliance exactly from the waxing table level. No dust flying around, no drafts. As the purified air comes out from the bottom section of UniqAir, it spreads more efficiently throughout the room,” Aki says. ”It is important that the impure air from the table does not even reach the headsl of the staff members!”

The International Ski Federation FIS had ski waxing professionals' blood PFOA levels examined in 2009, and they were high. ”Good working condition is vital. Ski waxing professionals worldwide may easily suffer from upper respiratory tract symptoms. A common mystery is the fluoride fever that some professionals always get on the first weekend of the season. None of our staff members have had that since we introduced UniqAir,” Aki says.

Aki says that other ski waxing teams came to see the UniqAir purifier in operation the first weekend it was in use.

”I recommend UniqAir for the testing spaces of ski wax factories, too. There is also huge potential in sport shops' ski maintenance rooms throughout Finland. They all need UniqAir. People work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week”, Aki explains, and he knows what he is talking about. He has been in the sports business for 20 years: as a skier, coach, sales manager, developer of ski measuring systems and as a sports shop owner. In addition to Aki's winning Swix Finland Racing Service waxing team, UniqAirs are used in many office and reception premises of companies, in hospitals, laboratories, schools, daycare centres, care homes and other premises with indoor air quality problems. UniqAir instantly alleviates indoor air quality problems and symptoms linked to them.

When asked to describe UniqAir, Aki replies quickly: ”Efficient, easy and silent.” And with a winning smile.

Swix Sport Finland

Swix Sport Finland, led by Country Manager Aki Tuovinen, is a wholesale company based in Jyväskylä, specialising in outdoor and sports equipment. The company is part of the international Swix Sport Group, established more than 70 years ago. Swix has been in the Finnish market since 1947. The company's brands include Ulvang wool clothing, Lundhags outdoor equipment, Helsport tents and sleeping bags, Hard Rocx mountain bikes, Original Team Wear team clothing and Toko and Swix ski waxes, which dominate the world market with a share of some 70%.

Dozens of years of experience, strong product development and in-house production has produced stellar results. Swix ski waxes and powders are used by top level skiers, and waxes by Sunday skiers. Swix glide and grip help champions win the brightest medals.

Aki calculates that during the competitive season from October to April, Swix Finland Racing Service is on the road for 12 to 15 weekends, and during one weekend alone, the team prepares skis for up to one hundred performances!

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